Why the fanboys, GW2?

Yet again – this time thanks to a discussion in the comments over at Spinksville – I’m struck by how zealous Guild Wars 2 fans seem to be. This particular post actually was a discussion about Guild Wars 2, but I’ve seen them popping up in virtually every discussion of upcoming MMOs to derail the conversation and start talking about how Guild Wars 2 is The Best Thing Ever and every other MMO is destined to fail (or is intrinsically terrible) for the terrible crime of not being GW2. I saw it happen a lot in pre-launch discussion of SWTOR, I saw it again in pre-launch discussion of TSW, and now of course with GW2 mere weeks away the fans are at fever pitch.

Look, I get it. Guild Wars 2 does look like it’s going to be a fun game. (I’ve pre-purchased.) But you’re not doing yourself – or the game you’re trying so desperately to promote – any favours by butting into every other conversation about MMOs. That sort of behaviour is usually the territory of door-to-door religion salespeople, and you know how popular they are.

I just don’t understand why GW2 has triggered such rabid, mindless zeal in its fans. Everyone gets invested in upcoming games that look nifty, but only the GW2 fans seem unwilling to let everyone else have their fun too. That’s particularly ironic given that GW2 itself isn’t trying to be all things to all people, and there are segments of the MMO audience – longterm hardcore raiders, for instance, or fans of open-world PvP – that it’s not even trying to appeal to. If ArenaNet are happy to focus on a particular niche, why must their fans insist that GW2 is the answer to every question?

(If you are a GW2 fan who is not acting like a rabid evangelist online, this was not aimed at you. I’m sure there are a lot of you about — it’s just the vocal minority who are making you look bad. Sorry.)

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  1. July 26, 2012 at 23:24 #

    Oi. Tell me about it. Our guild leader, Dee, was really turned off by GW2 sheerly from how vocal the fanboys were. I laughed when I heard it was being held up as some “huge hardcore” game when I knew…it was exactly not. From inception, Guild Wars has always been geared toward the casual gamer and it’s why I’ve been a fan from the jump.

    So, yeah, this kind of rabid fanboyism has the opposite effect — it just turns a lot of people away. These days, “hardcore gamer” just means “privileged white male”.

  2. July 31, 2012 at 20:39 #

    Yep i see it everywhere, makes the entire community look bad, GW2 is not the second coming of Jesus it’s just a well made game, that’s all.


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