Links: Humble THQ Bundle, and Riot Games vs the jerks

The Humble THQ Bundle:

    The current Humble Bundle is a pretty good deal – it’s five THQ games, plus Saints Row 3 if you spend above the average (which is currently $5.69), plus five free game soundtracks to boot.

Polygon: The League of Legends team of scientists trying to cure ‘toxic behaviour’ online:

    Riot Games join ArenaNet and Red5 Studios in the fight to tame the jerk brigade, and they’re having quantifiable success already. This approach, with hard data and specific mechanics, may well be more effective than a general statement from a game studio about “don’t be dicks”.

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One Response to “Links: Humble THQ Bundle, and Riot Games vs the jerks”

  1. rori
    November 30, 2012 at 22:18 #

    Humble Bundle comes out with some beauties.

    I already own CoH complete, but still picked this up for Darksiders and Metro 2033, oh and Red Faction will get a look.

    Kept it under the $5 mark though because I dont want Saints Row tarnishing my Steam account ;)

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