GW2: first thoughts from the blogosphere

Needless to say, the blogosphere has been lively with reaction posts musing on the first day (and a half, now) of Guild Wars 2. My own post was fairly critical, mostly because I find it hard to find good things to say — not that I’m not enjoying it, I just can’t articulate exactly what it is about the game that appeals to me, whereas I can articulate what niggles. I think it’s that it’s pushing my ‘explorer’ and ‘completionist’ buttons in a big way; it’s the most rewarding game to just run around and see stuff in since… I can’t remember what.

Lion's Arch

Other people have had interesting things to say about GW2, too, so I thought I’d link to some of the posts I found most interesting:

And now I’m off to bed. It’s so tempting to do “just one more POI”, but that way lies madness. Or, at least, sleep deprivation come tomorrow.

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