Tips for the GW2 player

First of all, if you haven’t read Pewter’s excellently handy post full of GW2 tips and tricks, go!

Second, I thought I’d share a few tips of my own.

  • Alt-left click splits a stack of items.
  • Ctrl-left click pastes a link in chat.
  • Doubleclicking an item is usually a shortcut for the default action with that item.
  • If you want to take screenshots without them featuring the back of your head, /sleep first. Your character lies down but the camera doesn’t follow, so if you get the positioning right you can capture lovely views without your character in the way.
  • Every racial capital has an Asura portal which will take you to Lion’s Arch, the hub city for the game. Lion’s Arch has portals back out to every other city. So if you’re playing a different race from your friends, after you do the initial tutorial instance you can run into your local capital and pop out in theirs, to team up with them.
  • From level 11, you get access to Traits. Unlike the previous Weapon Skills and Slot Skills, you can’t just dump points in your traits straight away. You’ll need to find your class trainer (look for a book icon on the map; if all else fails, there’s one in your racial capital city) and buy a book from them to unlock the Adept level of traits. This costs 10 silver.
  • Class trainers can also respec your traits, for a fee. This scales based on your level.
  • Attacks don’t require a target, so if you have an attack that involves a charge/dash/blink to an enemy, you can also use it in cities for getting around faster.
  • If you’re taking cooking as one of your crafting skills, try applying real world logic to the recipe discovery process. Meat plus seasoning equals steak. Meat plus bread equals hamburger. Meat plus bread plus cheese equals cheeseburger. And so on. :)
  • Unlike other games there’s no drowning mechanic. You can stay underwater as long as you like.
  • Levelling underwater weapons can be a pain; Grawlenfjord in the Norn starting area (Wayfarer Foothills) is a really good place to do it. There are lots of underwater monsters, and they’re mostly non-aggro so you can take them at your own pace.


That’s it for starters; I’ll share other tips if I come across any. (I’ll probably add them in the comments as well as editing the post, to make it easy to follow updates.) Feel free to share your own in the comments! GW2 is a very fun game, but because it doesn’t follow a lot of the MMO conventions, there are mechanics one doesn’t always think to try…


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