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Plus ça change, or “hooray for stereotypes”

I subscribe to Daily Infographic, because infographics are nifty and interesting (although most infographic makers, sadly, have fallen into lazy templating instead of designing the “graphic” part to suit the “info” part, but that’s a rant for another day).

Today’s featured infographic, produced by Online University, was entitled “Gamers Get Girls“.

(Click the link for a bigger version; animated GIF warning. If it doesn’t display, try viewing it directly.)

Gamers Get Girls

Some interesting stats in there? Sure. (And the subject matter provokes other thoughts which can wait for another post, like “well duh, of course shared interests work better for forging relationships than catch-all dating sites”.)

Unfortunately, none of the stats or conclusions were interesting enough to compensate for the ho-hum clichés and sexism of all the surrounding commentary. Dear Online University, the 1990s called and would like their stereotypes back, please. “Gamers get girls”? Gamers, increasingly, are girls – as of 2011, the Entertainment Software Association reports that 42% of gamers are female.1 Didn’t you get the memo? Because I thought I’d seen a lot of people talking about it – loudly.

That is, of course, to say nothing of the logical inconsistencies in their stereotypes. The infographic makes the point that a huge number of WoW players are dating another player. So… only the male players actually qualify as gamers, apparently; the female players are just girls, their purpose to be “gotten” by the male players. Like a reward.

Oh, you know what? We’ve had this discussion before – repeatedly. It’s pretty ridiculous when we have to keep shouting just for some basic visibility and recognition. Consider this my turn at the megaphone.

  1. I realise, of course, that there will be plenty of girl gamers who’d like to “get girls” themselves, but I somehow don’t think that’s what Online University was talking about.