I game, therefore I am

(This post could also have been titled I Blog, Therefore I Am.)

Welcome aboard! I’m Siha, and Siha Games! is my gaming and MMO blog. I’ve been an MMO blogger, on and off, for years. I started out with the popular WoW paladin blog Banana Shoulders, and moved on to the SWTOR crafting blog Crew Skills. Crew Skills hasn’t quite been scratching my itch, though — I’m still playing SWTOR, but I don’t feel the need to write about it in the same way, and most of my blog-worthy thoughts these days are more general. And I’m playing more MMOs, not fewer; where World of Warcraft used to eat up every spare moment, right now I currently have active subs to three MMOs and have preordered two more. (No, I don’t have a problem, shut up.)

All of this means that a game-specific blog is no longer the right platform for me, and rather than try to wrench one of my existing (fallow) blogs onto a new set of tracks, far better to start fresh. Besides which, half the fun of blogging is messing about with WordPress, right? ;-)

In the Real World I’m Eleanor, a long-time gamer (both MMO and otherwise) and guild leader. I’ve been the leader of Southern Wardens for five years, a semi-casual Australian/Oceanic MMO guild – first in World of Warcraft, and now in SWTOR. I’m a student and freelance writer, sci-fi nerd, roleplayer (tabletop games ftw!), and locus of organisational entropy.

I love blogging, and one of the things that most excites me about it is getting involved with the community – that was always the most satisfying part of writing Banana Shoulders and Crew Skills. I don’t anticipate quite the same community here, as I’m unlikely to be generating the same kind of crunchy Googlebait content that garners fifty thankyous for every post, but I have all these Thoughts about Gaming, and they will not be silenced any longer!

In the meantime, welcome aboard – please feel free to comment, discuss, disagree and respond! Please excuse the last remnants of construction around here; I’m still tweaking the site setup while I get some content out the door.

And with all that said, welcome aboard – and on with the show!

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