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Site problems solved

For those of you who tried to visit in the last 36 hours, you might have noticed some irregularities with the site, some downtime, and possibly some suspicious software warnings. I just wanted to give you all a headsup that the problems are all solved now, thanks to some very helpful tech support, and I’ve got a monitoring service watching out so that you can browse in safety again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Just a very quick note to apologise for any readability issues with the site today; I’ve been made aware of some accessibility issues with the current theme. I hope to have it replaced and the problems fixed by tomorrow, but given that it’s 1am for me right now, it won’t be happening within the next eight hours.

Until then, I apologise for any issues, and please judge me on the words rather than the shiny. Or lack thereof. :)

Edit: Looks like it’s all fixed. If you encounter any oddities or problems, please let me know!

I game, therefore I am

(This post could also have been titled I Blog, Therefore I Am.)

Welcome aboard! I’m Siha, and Siha Games! is my gaming and MMO blog. I’ve been an MMO blogger, on and off, for years. I started out with the popular WoW paladin blog Banana Shoulders, and moved on to the SWTOR crafting blog Crew Skills. Crew Skills hasn’t quite been scratching my itch, though — I’m still playing SWTOR, but I don’t feel the need to write about it in the same way, and most of my blog-worthy thoughts these days are more general. And I’m playing more MMOs, not fewer; where World of Warcraft used to eat up every spare moment, right now I currently have active subs to three MMOs and have preordered two more. (No, I don’t have a problem, shut up.)

All of this means that a game-specific blog is no longer the right platform for me, and rather than try to wrench one of my existing (fallow) blogs onto a new set of tracks, far better to start fresh. Besides which, half the fun of blogging is messing about with WordPress, right? ;-)

In the Real World I’m Eleanor, a long-time gamer (both MMO and otherwise) and guild leader. I’ve been the leader of Southern Wardens for five years, a semi-casual Australian/Oceanic MMO guild – first in World of Warcraft, and now in SWTOR. I’m a student and freelance writer, sci-fi nerd, roleplayer (tabletop games ftw!), and locus of organisational entropy.

I love blogging, and one of the things that most excites me about it is getting involved with the community – that was always the most satisfying part of writing Banana Shoulders and Crew Skills. I don’t anticipate quite the same community here, as I’m unlikely to be generating the same kind of crunchy Googlebait content that garners fifty thankyous for every post, but I have all these Thoughts about Gaming, and they will not be silenced any longer!

In the meantime, welcome aboard – please feel free to comment, discuss, disagree and respond! Please excuse the last remnants of construction around here; I’m still tweaking the site setup while I get some content out the door.

And with all that said, welcome aboard – and on with the show!