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Can’t blog, mechs’ll eat me

Catapult concept art from mwomercs.com

My MMORPG time has been curtailed lately by a hotly-anticipated beta test which I wasn’t allowed to talk about until yesterday. To clarify, it’s still in closed beta and restricted by an NDA, but until yesterday I wasn’t even allowed to confirm I was in the beta – by far the most restrictive beta-testing NDA I’ve played under.

So, now I can say it: I’m beta-testing Mechwarrior Online, and it’s awesome fun. It’s a Free-2-Play PvP game in the World of Tanks sort of vein; you can find out more at MWOmercs.com. The NDA prevents me from telling you any more, or sharing any screenshots or videos, but I think it’s safe to admit that I’m not at all sorry I pre-purchased.

Now, off to go stomp some bad guys, and by “stomp” I mean “rain down LRM death from a kilometre away”.